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Searching Travianmap

Searching is very easy, fill in the names you want to search for and hit the search button!

There are some search options:

  1. You can seperate names and alliancess with a , (comma)
  2. You can use a wildcard * (asterisk) , e.g. User*, that will match username but also user90mad85nm.
  3. if you want to search for a name with e.g a * (asterisk) in it, put double quotes at the beginning and end of your search term. For example: "bright*ola"
  4. You can also combine these things. Some examples:
    • henk,gerard
    • "&Me*You",gerard,tim*
      (Will match Exact &me*You and gerard, and all the names that starts with tim)
    • ger*,tim*,travianmap
      (Will match all the names starts with ger and tim, and travianmap also)
    • "alliances1!","alliancesB","all*",try*
      (Will match alliances!, alliancesB and all* exact and all the alliances starts with try)

There are some other search functions, there is one called "Group by". That means how to group the result. If you choose alliances, the legend and the colors only give the alliances. If you choose players, every player will have a different color and legend item.

Other functions


Navigating is easy with this map, just click the mouse button and hold it, move your mouse and the map will move! You can also use the navigation buttons in the top left corner of the map. (Like google Maps) navigation

Link generator

There is a link generator at the bottom of the page. Copy the link and share it with others. They will get the same result as you with the link
link generator

Color picker

When you have a result, there will appear a legend with legend item. As you can see there is a rainbow. When you click on it, there will appear a color picker. Choose a color and the legend item including the villages will change to that color. This is a solution, you can search for your sub alliances and you can give them the same color, isn't it fantastic?! rainbow

Print screen

There is a print screen function to save all your current settings, including colors and visibility. If you click on it, a link is generated for you. Copy the link and share it with others. If they click on the link, they will see the same results as you did.

Population search

You can filter every village between minimum population and maximum population. First field is minimum population (when empty minimum is zero), second field is maximum (when empty there is no maximum)

Area search

A new option is area search, you can search a person within a given area. The fields left of the arrow is the top left corner and next to the arrow is bottom right corner. Fill in the coordinates and only get the result of the area given

Status of the servers

If you have the question is my server up to date? You can check it out on this page Server status. When a rule is normal (not red) the server is up to date. If the server isn't updated, just wait a couple days and the problem will be fixed.

Other Questions

For other Questions and tips or maybe problems, you can mail us at email.
You can also leave a message here. If you want help you can also join our IRC channel. IRC server: Channel: